The Clever Honey 270g


The Clover honey is made from Alta Murgia National Park, in pristine areas free from pollution. The color is strongly distinctive, tending to white. Both flavor and taste are very mild, with scent of clove, wood and mulled wine, usually sweet and fruity. That’s why is well combined with fresh and mature cheeses and fruit salad. Winner of 2 gold drops at “2019 best Italian honey” awards



  • Features: flavor with hint of clove, wood and mulled wine.
  • Taste: usually sweet and fruity.
  • Color: from gold to white.
  • Food Matches: it pairs well with fresh and mature cheeses and fruit salad.


It is based in Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA), in the rural area of ​​Puglia bordered by the Alta Murgia National Park. It was born from an idea of ​​young Apulian entrepreneurs who are passionate and linked to the territory. The company philosophy combines the traditional production of honey and other products from the beehive, with respect and protection of the Apulian rural ecosystem.


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